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Fast & Efficient Service

Quality Service Performance in Fast Food Restaurants and Cafeterias.

By  Sergio Castillo, Auditor Service Consultant-Business.

Fast & Efficient Service is a study carried out by  Auditor Service, with the objective of evaluating attention and service offered in fast food restaurants and cafeterías in Mexico City to establish a  benchmark among participating brands.

To carry this out ,we used the Mystery Shopping technique, which consists of a natural, structured participative observation in which the  investigators ( Mystery Shoppers) visit the point of sale and carry out a purchase with the purpose of evaluating the  restaurant or cafeteria performance behaving as a real patron and with the attitude of an average client.

The study evaluates elements such as: speed of service, cashier service, menu quality, and point of sale cleanliness.

In this investigation we evaluated  7 brands of fast food restaurants  (McDonald´s, Burger King, KFC, Domino´s, Pizza Hut, Benedettis y Subway); and 5 Cafeterias (Starbucks, The Italian Coffee, Dunkin Donuts, Café Punta del Cielo and Krispy Kreme).A total of 315 establishments were studied ( of every brand and all of which are located in Mexico City, the ones located in food courts in malls were not taken into account).

The average performance of these places is 83% which corresponds to a medium compliance degree according to the evaluated standards ( a scale of 0 to 100).According to types of business , the fast food restaurants have a slightly superior performance than the average (84%) the cafeterias however, perform below the average (82%).

Fast food Restaurant and Cafeteria Attention Evaluation

Regarding Fast Food restaurants the best performance corresponds to the category of restaurants that offer chicken ; on the other hand, Pizza establishments offer the worst performance.

Average Delivery time of the Order

The average delivery time of the order ( from the moment it is paid for up to delivery ) is 2 minutes and 17 seconds (excluding Pizzerias). Restaurants offering Chicken are the quickest to deliver the order, followed by those that offer Hamburgers, next, Cafeterias and in last place, Pizzerias.

 Overall,  among the areas of most  opprtunity for improvement we found the following :

  • Speed of order delivery.
  • Exclusive client attention, if there are interruptions offer an apology.
  • Personnel should wear an ID badge identifying them as restaurant/cafetería staff. Thank the client for the purchase and and bid them farewell.
  • Bathroom up-keep
  • Cross selling; this practice would increase sales if it were used more. In only 43% of the cases the person taking the order “ offered to increase their order or add something to it”; Pizzerias and Cafeterias have a greater area of opportunity for improvement.
  • Offer current promotions, (only 43% offer them), a practice that represents another sales opportunity; restaurants offering hamburgers and cafeterias have a greater opportunity of improvement.

Facing ever increasing competition among the main fast food chains and cafeterias, a great opportunity for improving attention and service processes is created, reason for which it is fundamental to take advantage of the areas of opportunity and the real time tracking of this type of evaluation to continuously improve and achieve maximum client satisfaction.

*El trabajo de campo se realizó entre el 17 de  Agosto  y el 03 de Septiembre de 2009 dentro del Distrito federal.

Artículo publicado Por Auditor Service (www.auditorservice.com) Auditor Service es una empresa especializada en Medición del servicio al cliente (Mystery Shopping y Customer Satisfaction).

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