360 evaluation of the customer journey and the customer experience strategy.

At Auditor Service we are aware of the relevance that customer experience has had as a differentiator to attract new customers and to retain the current ones.

Deeply understanding the obstacles that organizations and clients have to deal with to live a unique experience with their brands, products and services is not just about measuring satisfaction and observing its evolution. We have to put in context the client relevance as a source of information to generate transformation and the role of every member of the companies to achieve that goal.

Blueprint is a 360 degree solution that incorporates the vision of the organization, the experience architecture and the voice of the customer to create brand differentiators.

How it works

Through a multi-methodological approach, BluePrint helps organizations to discover competitive advantages through a unique customer experience in three steps:

1.   DISCOVERING: Impulse of experience and organizational alignment

2.   DIAGNOSTIC: Touch points performance. Flow and consistency of the customer journey

3.   PERFORMANCE: Longitudinal evaluation of satisfaction in each touch point


• Discovers the customer reality and its experience environment.

• Measures the business maturity in customer experience terms.

• Suggests recommendations and tactics to retain and build loyalty with customers.

• Contributes to transformation initiatives to create competitive advantages.

• Let’s the customer experience programs be profitable, increasing retention, decreasing churn and optimize operative costs and making marketing expenses more efficient.