How does a Mystery Shopper work?

Working as a Mystery Shopper is suitable for anyone who wants to take advantage of having flexible working hours, earning a reasonable amount of Money, working for a company that assigns different tasks, and in some cases receiving products and services for free.

Mystery Shopping is not only fun, it is a very serious business. Companies use the Mystery Shopping results as key information to gain knowledge and evaluate their staff and make very important executive decisions based on the results provided by Mystery Shoppers. Mystery Shoppers should thoroughly prepare themselves before carrying out any mission. Each project is unique for a specific client. It is important that the Shopper read the evaluation criteria for each new task to be completed. The same question in different questionnaires of different clients may have to be dealt with different standards depending on our client’s focus. The more precise is the feedback, the more valuable is the information for our client.

The Shopper will be notified via e-mail of the task to be carried out. He/she has to log in at with his/her user name and password. He/she will see and accept or reject the work offers, take the on-line training (with the help of videos and guidelines) and report results of evaluations filling out an on-line Internet questionnaire.

How long does it take to carry out each evaluation?

The time it takes to complete an evaluation depends on the type of product or service to be assessed. An evaluation can take 5 minutes or 2 hours (some projects require to spend a night in a hotel). Your experience can also help. The more experience as a shopper the less it takes to complete a task. It is important to remember that evaluations should be detailed and precisely carried out.
Before engaging on his/her first mission the Shopper should take an on-line (Internet) training. This includes seeing a training video on-line, reading a training manual of approximately 3 pages and answer some questions to evaluate his/her understanding of the job to be done.

All evaluations that you carry out will be validated by content and consistency against other evaluations. In case that an evaluation should be incomplete or inconsistent and the shopper would not provide the needed information, it will be cancelled and won’t be paid.

Should the mission be concluded in a specific time?

All tasks must be concluded within the time and/or dates programmed in mission details. Should there be specific timing settings needed for task completion this information must be clear before accepting the mission.

The job should be done within the timetable established in the work order (WO) and you should register this information in an on- line (Internet) questionnaire within the next 12 hours after completion of the task.

What are my responsibilities?

Integrity – never guess anything – go back and check if necessary (99% is not good enough for our clients.) 

Objectivity – we want to be objective and report facts to our clients, not opinions. In some cases we’ll ask for your personal point of view as to what were your feelings as a ‘real’ customer. Should this be the case it must be clearly specified in the questionnaire.

Be observant – you must know what you are looking for and be aware of it. 

Reliability – do what you are committed to do

Confidentiality – keep an absolute discretion about the job you have been entrusted with. Mystery Shopping evaluations must be 100% secret. No one should be aware of the product brands you are evaluating. All information or training that you receive shouldn’t be disclosed to any other person than yourself. It is absolutely forbidden to reveal any information about the project (instructions or results of evaluations).

Responsibility – you can never use the name of Mystery Shopper to get any benefit not related to the nature of the task.

Should I have Internet skills?

You must be familiar with all the basic functions of Internet; as well as those of Word, Excel and Power Point. Sometimes we’ll ask you to send scanned information.

Auditor Service does not provide training or technical support for Word, Excel or Power Point, however, you may receive assistance in the use of our Web application.

If I carry out Mystery Shopping tasks for Auditor Service, can I work for other companies?

You can work for as many companies as you like as long as you keep confidential all the information that you receive from us. Mystery Shopping should be considered as a part time discontinuous job. The volume of job for you is based on the available projects on your influence area, the number of shoppers registered in that area, your experience, your evaluation as a shopper, you performance on previous tasks, your socio-demographic profile, clients’ specs and demographic restrictions.

How much do I get paid for each task?

Shoppers are hired as free-lance professionals. Each evaluation (or project) has different factors to be considered. Most fees are between 2 and 20 US dollars per mission.

Some evaluations are specialized and the fee goes up to 60 USD each.

The average income of a Shopper is 700 USD a year, working part of 1 or 2 days a month.

How do I unregister?

You decide how much and when to work. The moment you decide that we stop sending you invitations/job offers, you just send us an e-mail to: asking to exclude you from our list of Shoppers and automatically you are out of our staff.

If I have a complaint or suggestion what should I do?

You have a direct link to the General Manager for placing any complaint or suggestion. If you should need to let us know any complaint or suggestion, please write to this address: be sure to include your shopper ID number.

How safe is the information I’ve provided? 

Your personal information is quite safe.

Auditor Service never discloses any personal identification information of Shoppers to our clients or any other party interested, unless you are notified in advance.

Our clients have no means of contacting you if it is not through us.

Your registration and password prevent other people to have access to your private information. It is important and your responsibility to protect yourself not sharing with anyone your registration data and password.

You can change your password as frequently as you want, but remember that it’s best to keep it private.

You can find more details on our privacy policy at ( ).