We track and evaluate all the customer’s touch points

The digital convergence and the multiplicity of channels through which brands offer their products and services also demand to have the possibility to listen to those customers across new channels.

Through our technological platform and infrastructure, we have the capability to find information in a variety of digital and traditional contact points where the customer’s voice becomes more relevant.

Survey tools:

  • Telephone interview (CATI)
  • Face to face
  • E-mail (CAWI)
  • Web
  • Bill/voucher
  • QR code
  • SMS
  • Tablets


Mystery shpper / Audit tools:

  • Telephone
  • Face to face
  • E-mail
  • Web
  • Audio and vide recording



  • Contactar al cliente / usuario de la misma forma en que toma contacto con la marca.
  • Brinda la posibilidad de que el cliente / usuario escoja el medio favorito (SMS, Email, Teléfono y Personal).
  • Permite integrar todas las herramientas de recolección y los proyectos en un único lugar.