Welcome Mystery Shopper!

The job of a mystery shopper is to go to certain places (restaurants, fast food courts, car dealers, clothes and shoe shops, movie theatres, hotels, government agencies, etc.) to evaluate a product or service so that companies may be aware of opportunity areas to improve their service for their customers.

This kind of job takes from 5 minutes to 2 hours per evaluation depending on the sort of service assessed and can be done on you leisure time, besides, is very convenient, for you decide when to participate.

It is possible for you to earn from 3 up to 40 USD per evaluation, plus all the expenses required for the task (purchase, expenses, etc.).

Mystery Shopping is not only fun it is a VERY SERIOUS business. Companies use the Mystery Shopping results as key information to gain knowledge and evaluate their staff and make very important executive decisions based on the results provided by Mystery Shoppers.

Mystery Shoppers should be trained (with training videos, guidelines and pilot tests) before engaging in an evaluation.

For you to participate as a Mystery Shopper you need to register and meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Use your real name (the one registered in an official ID document) and source of contact
  • Register only real and verifiable information
  • Have Internet navigation skills (evaluations have to be up-loaded in an on-line questionnaire)

If you have questions or doubts about this form or any other issue, please contact our staff assistance service administrador@auditorservice.com


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