Maturity level reached in the customer experience strategy.

To get a client-centered focus that has a real impact in the perception of the client, employee’s involvement, hence in the cost effectiveness of the business, it is essential to understand how much the organization has advanced in the deployment of its customer experience strategy.

This means that all the elements of the equation are aligned for this effort to be reflected: product, service, marketing, strategy, intelligence and human resources.

Measuring and understanding this advance is essential to take measures that help us improve those areas that could cause client loss, decrease in satisfaction and being an obstacle to build loyalty.

It is a reality that all the elements that conform an organization, have an influence in the experience that the customers and users live. From the conception of a product or service, the design of a marketing campaign, the kindness of the sales staff, and the compromise of the employees to solve problems, there is a variety of elements that at some point the customer feels. A real customer-centered vision is that in which all these elements are aligned to deliver a CX that is memorable for the customers.