All information and all products in one place.

Our information platform allows owners of various customer experience projects to create, manage and deploy surveys for every touch point and to report them in a personalized way through the platform to different positions throughout their company.

Information can be accessed in different detail and by a variety of levels within the organization allowing action-to improve the customer experience.

Besides managing the customer experience, satisfaction, and mystery shopping projects, the platform allows the setup of automatic alerts that are activated each time a low satisfaction event is registered in some of the brand contact points, which can be responded immediately.


  • Performance index: It shows the main indicator and the breakdown of the evaluations with improvement suggestions.
  • Open ended question details:  reasons of customer dissatisfaction and satisfaction.
  • Key indicators:  show the main indicators compared to previous ratings, the global average and Top 20%.
  • Evaluation detail:  shows global fulfillment ranking and the breakdown of each evaluated process.
  • Performance ranking:  performance evaluation of each sales point / customer-care center.
  • Global indicators:  summary of main indicators compared to previous measures.